Rug Padding

Good quality rug padding is recommended to enhance the life-time of your Oriental or Area rug. The needle-punch construction of our pads prevents them from decomposing or shredding. They also provide a comfortable cushion feeling underfoot as well as a skid-resistant property for the rug they support.

Standard Rug Pad

Standard Rug Pads

Standard Rug Pad can be used on hard floor or on wall-to-wall carpet to avoid wrinkles.

This rug padding is made of synthetic materials with no animal or plant fibers, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic when dry.

Standard Rug Pads are thinner pads, contain less rubber and fiber than the Premium Rug Pads; they are recommended for moderate wear.

Premium Rug Pad

Premium Rug Pads

Premium Rug Pads can be put on wood, stone, tile, laminate or any other hard floor.

This rug pad is made of 100% synthetic material, does not contain plant or animal fiber to avoid allergies.

Premium Rug Pads are thicker than Standard Pads.

The upper surface of the pad has a heat-set chevron pattern which grips the rug to prevent movement and helps hold the rug and the pad together.

The back of Premium Rug Pad is made of natural latex rubber with an embossed pattern and provides the best level of non-slip grip.