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Orignal Karastan Rugs Sale – 700 Series

Original Karastan Rug
Inspired by museum pieces and antiques, the 700 Series Collection of rugs is recreated from Persian, Turkoman and other handwoven orientals while maintaining authenticity to the finest detail. Each rug is Axminster woven through-the-back of the finest imported skein-dyed and lustre washed worsted wool yarns.

Chahar Mahal Karastan Rugs Sale – 600 Series

Chahar Mahal Rug
Tribal designs adapted from the Bakhtiyari tribes of the Chahar Mahal district of ancient Persia. These skilled rug designers produce some of the finest weaving and the most colorful and fascinating tribal rugs in the Mid-East. Villages of the Chahar Mahal had the substantial advantage of possessing their own master dyers, allowing the weavers a color palette of more variety and depth than found in most nomadic Bakhtiyar work. Karastan’s interpretations of these magnificent rugs recreate many of the same vivid coloring and subtle shadings of the original vegetable dyes. Woven of 1005 premium New Zealand wool, on our own unique looms and then lustre washed.

Garden of Eden Karastan Rugs Sale – 509 Series

Karastan Garden of Eden Rug
The timeless beauty of realistic floral designs in both traditional and contemporary colors is an imported feature of this collection. Axminster woven of 100% premium imported skein-dyed and lustre washed worsted wool yarns.

Natural Impressions Karastan Rugs Sale – 313 Series

Karastan Natural Impressions Rug
The Natural Impressions Collection makes a lasting impression, weaving together – for the first time – a treasure of natural fibers: wool, cotton, flax and jute. Botanica is a walk in a seaside forest with pressed leaves, ferns and shells scattered on a textured ground. Natural Impressions, contemporary rugs with organic originality with each fiber contributing both color and texture to the overall design.

Royal Court Karastan Rugs Sale – 327 Series

Karastan Royal Court Rug
Karastan brings the grandeur of the kings and queens of France into homes with the Royal Court Collection. This collection features three distinctive and coordinating designs; Josephine, an aubusson style featuring flowers and foliage dancing around a central medallion; Pomadour, a trellis and flower pattern framed with a scroll and foliage border; and Empire, an all-over medallion pattern. Woven in Belgium of 100% premium, imported New Zealand wool.

Rubiyat Karastan Rugs Sale – 650 Series

Karastan Rubiyat Rug
Created from Persian designs which are timeless…suitable for both “traditional” and “classic contemporary” interiors, these rugs have an ultra dense pile, with a velvet finish and soft lustre. The Rubiyat rugs are woven in Belgium of premium worsted New Zealand wool on Wilton looms then Teawashed, lustre-washed and finished at the Karastan Rug Mill in Eden, N.C.

Yuruk Karastan Rugs Sale – 530 Series

Karastan Yuruk Rug
Tribal designs from the nomadic peoples of Asia Minor. You will find in these patterns primitive animal and human figures and richly-woven flowers. And you will find tribal totems and designs so ancient as to have their meanings forgotten even by those who drew the wool through their looms.

Williamsburg Karastan Rugs Sale – 550 Series

Karastan Williamsburg Rug
An assortment of rugs recreated from rare 16th and 17th century handwoven oriental antiques in the Williamsburg Collection and manufactured under exclusive license from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The designs and colors are reproduced as closely as possible to the size of the original rug. Each rug is Axminster woven through-the-back of the finest imported 100% worsted skein-dyed and lustre washed wool yarns.

Sisal Wool Accents Karastan Rugs Sale – 340 Series

Sisal Wool Accents Collection
The introduction of the Sisal Wool Accents rugs by Karastan is a bold step forward in creating a visually exciting new fashion statement that is sure to add a sense of drama to your décor. The Sisal Wool Accent rugs are woven in two delightful patters; Alivar, an all-over diamond pattern surrounded by a textured border; and Yucatan, a modern pattern of looped squares. Each rug is enhanced with an undercolor of either Berry Red or Ivy Green which adds a distinctive design flair. Karastan’s Sisal Wool Accents Collection rugs are Kara-Loop woven of 100% premium English Wool.

American Quilt Karastan Rugs Sale – 540 Series

Karastan American Quilt Rug